Your Business Look

Here's What I've Been Told


You Are The Product

Appearance can create credibility. People remember what they see when you are dressed and groomed properly. They remember even more when you are not. Business dress should be serious, professional, must fit properly and appeal to the business or target market. Your photograph is accessible world wide when put on the web. As your photographer, I want to make sure your image conveys the image you desire and impresses everyone who sees it. 

A few suggestions:

Get a good night’s rest and drink plenty of water the day before the session. 

So, what should you wear?  Solid colors always work best. The clothing should be simple and never take away from you as a professional. Textures can work well but not patterns. In other words, do not wear stripes or any other patterns. Solids work the best.  


Color, style and fit provide the one, two, three punch in your appearance arena. Color affects people physically and psychologically, and business casual doesn't change that. 

Dark colors - black, navy and darker shades of gray - psychologically connote power, authority, knowledge, responsibility, and success.

Brown shows that you are dependable and stable - however you lack power and authority. 

White (and light blue) is a good choice for a blouse or shirt since it connotes clean, formal and sophisticated. 

Pastels denote softness and femininity.

Every color has a message of its own. How you put them together sends your message. 

Here again business casual takes its toll, if its power and professionalism you want to convey. 

· A suit coat with long sleeves, slightly padded shoulders and a collar make you appear one-third more powerful. (Your sales will come easier when you know when to take your suit jacket off in a sales call and when to put it back on!) 

· Shoulder pads add authority. 

· Pleats and darts add bulk. 

· Vertical lines formed by classic three-button jackets contribute to the illusion of heights, as do pin stripes. 

· Single-breasted jackets with a center vent are best for men and women of average height. Double-breasted jackets complement taller people. 

Few people have "hanger figures." Almost all of you need help to make your clothes look as if they were made for you. Many stores offer free tailoring. If not, find a neighborhood tailor who can do wonders with a nip here and tuck there. Take the shoes and any other items you will wear with the garment, so your tailor can work with the real thing. 

Knowing that you have chosen the right color, style and fit for the occasion will give you increased self-confidence and add immeasurably to your presentation ... of yourself and your products and services. 

If you are at the top of your field, your attire and grooming should reflect it. If you are not, you can still look like you are.